Shinra Technologies is dead

Square Enix isn’t profitable all around. In fact, one of its subsidiaries registered roughly 16.8 millions of dollars in losses – because of this, this company gets shut down. Shinra Technologies (yes, this is a reference to Final Fantasy VII!) was Square Enix‘ cloud gaming platform that will now be closed due to the lack of third party investors – this is the reason there’s a huge amount of money lost for Square Enix in a short period.

Shinra Technologies was announced during 2014’s Tokyo Game Show so that can be called as a quite new platform. It picked up Camouflaj in 2015 – this team was responsible for Republique which will soon hit the PlayStation 4. Shinra also worked together with Avalanche Studios to create Just Cause 3’s multiplayer. (Ah, so this is why Rico Rodriguez’ third adventure is single player only!)

Because of the closure, former Square Enix-boss Yoichi Wada will see his company drop into the grave even before it was able to open its wings. This is a huge failure for Square Enix.

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