Mafia III – Possible release date leaked

We are surprised! While 2K Games is slowly working on the third Mafia installment, we didn’t think that we will be able to visit 1960’s New Orleans so early! It looks like we can plonk our Blu-rays of the game into our PlayStation 4-s quite early…

The game’s possible release date leaked from not one but two separate locations. First, a Best Buy photo was posted on IGN, and then Gamestop’s preordering page revealed a certain date. Although 2K Games is quite silent about this situation, they did indeed say the game will be out in 2016, but in the fiscal 2017 period. That falls between 2016 April and 2017 March. The leaked release date is April 26, 2016, for the PS4X1-PC triumvirate – this day would make perfect sense.

So will we be able to play Mafia III less than a year after it was officially announced on Gamescom? It would be surprising, but we’ll see if this release date gets confirmed or not. In our opinion, it’s just mere technicalities for 2K Games.

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