A „leaked” The Division trailer [VIDEO]

Ubisoft is still making us wait for The Division (which seems to have received a graphical downgrade… what was that promise again last year, dear Yves?), but the late Tom Clancy‘s work might be a huge success in the end. However, the fact that this MMOTPS game will land on our doormats in just a few weeks is undeniable. This video below got „leaked”. That’s funny. Maybe it’s just PR marketing behind the scenes.

The story isn’t that funny, though: we wouldn’t visit this New York for a summer holiday – the virus-attacked Big Apple rather has chaos and catastrophies for us in store. When we first joined The Division… what were we thinking? The sacrfices we have to make, the things we have to do – nobody has ever expected this to happen. The destroyed city has to be our new home. We have to make do what we have.

The Division is promising and yet; we are afraid. The game’s going to launch on March 8, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s almost 100% sure that there are going to be server issues, connectivity problems, and dipping framerate. Almost every online game started out in a terrible fashion (Rainbow Six: Siege pre-release open beta, anyone?) – let’s hope they’ll make us eat that humble pie.

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