Republique: It’ll sneak on the PS4 soon [VIDEO]

Camouflaj‘s Republique was already confirmed to be out on PlayStation 4 soon, but it was always planned to launch as a complete package. The game is getting episodic releases on PC and mobile platforms, but the console port will be the full experience. It didn’t have a fixed release date until now, but it got announced.

Republique‘s PS4 version will launch on the same day as the other platforms’ finale: it means the North American launch is set to March 22. Unfortunately, there is only a „later this Spring” mention of the European launch. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until the end of May to get the game! The PS4 version’s publisher will be Atlus, and it’ll cost 25 bucks. NIS America’s website also carries a Contraband Edition, which nets us a soundtrack disc and a 160-page (!) book about the background story of the game’s location, Metamorphosis on top of the game for 45 dollars.

Pray tell, what’s the deal with the European launch being in limbo?

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