It took a year for Life is Strange to finally fix its lipsync problems!

Life is Strange was (re-)released yesterday on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in a form of a limited physical edition. The console versions cost 35, while the PC port costs 25$/€, respectively. The box contains the game disc, the soundtrack disc and an artbook. Meanwhile, Dontnod – who are probably planning the sequel with new characters already – pushed out an update for the game despite the fact that the last episode has been out for three months.

This patch is fixing one of the most noticeable flaws of Life is Strange: the lipsyncing. It wasn’t the best until now, even if you don’t play games, you’d still notice this. There are other improvements after installing the patch: minor bugfixes, plus – and this is a very honorable move by Square Enix, and Dontnod – the game receives a free developers’ commentary even if you own the game just digitally!

In case you haven’t played Life is Strange yet, and you like episodic games, maybe you should give it a show now.

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