The Xbox One sales hit rock bottom in Japan!

Japanese media analysing company Media Create provides sales date for console and game sales weekly. We knew about how the Xbox One is performing terribly in Japan (and that is an understatement), not being able to have a chance to fight back against the „locals”. The latest info shows us the week of January 11-17 with the following console sales:


  •     New Nintendo 3DS XL: 30172
  •     PlayStation 4: 25592
  •     PlayStation Vita: 18202
  •     Wii U: 15398
  •     New Nintendo 3DS: 6241
  •     Nintendo 3DS: 4797
  •     PlayStation 3: 1939
  •     Nintendo 3DS XL: 1162
  •     Xbox One: 99


We can see that the PlayStation Vita still has good results in Japan and that the 3DS can top the sales even against the PS4. The PlayStation 3 is still sold in four digits per week (and this is why several PS4 games get a PS3 version, like Yakuza 0). At the end of the list, we can see the Xbox One miles behind the competition. 99 sold consoles in an entire week. Even the PS3 got sold almost over 20 times than Microsoft‘s console!

Why’s Microsoft still trying? Their only hope is Scalebound – which got delayed to 2017 -, directed by PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya. If this doesn’t help the One, then Microsoft can just give up…

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