The PlayStation brand rules Sony sales again

Sony managed to get only a 0.5% improvement in sales and operating revenue, which is mainly due to the success of the PlayStation brand. Sony published their financial results for the third quarter of the 2015/2016 fiscal year (October 1-December 31). They got a net profit of 120.1 billion Japanese Yen, which is a 33.5% jump.

The Game & Network Services division had a 587,1B JPY revenue, which is a 10.5% improvement. This is mostly due to the tremendous success of the PlayStation 4 with the amount of 8.4 million consoles sold in Q3. With this result, the 2015/2016 fiscal year already had more PS4s sold than the previous one despite a quarter remaining! (15.4 million versus 14.8.) Sony expects to see the final amount to be 17.5 million, which is achievable. Meanwhile, the mobile communications segment is limping behind: 7.6 million sold products – way less than 11.9 a year before and the 384.5B revenue is also a 14.7% drop.

The PlayStation 4 is playing an important role. No wonder Sony is merging two of its companies into Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)!

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