We can vote for the PS Plus games again! [VIDEO]

PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting the chance to pick one of the three options to make the victorious game become one of the free games in March’s lineup. The three games are Broforce, Assault Android Cactus and Action Henk.

Vote To Play appeared first in August 2015 for PS Plus members to allow their voices to be heard. The second VTP starts on February 9 – you can either do it online via a browser soon or using your PlayStation 4: just pick the PlayStation Plus menu and navigate to News to vote. Only one thing: you must have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to participate.

It’s disappointing that Sony doesn’t give us a chance to choose from much bigger and better-known games. Imagine if we had the opportunity to pick one from Bloodborne, DriveClub and let’s say Far Cry 4! This would be a much more intriguing voting procedure, and it’d give Sony a well needed positive light.

Video below.

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