Gravity Rush Remastered: Launch trailer arrived! [VIDEO]

At the time of writing this news article, the review copy of Gravity Rush Remastered is in our PS4s – we don’t have a bad opinion of Kat‘s jump to the PS4. Technically, Bluepoint Games – the team behind the port job – pulled off their usual outstanding work, so we can’t say a bad word about them at all!

The launch trailer is a bit narcistic, as there are a few review scores shown during the gameplay. Here’s a 9 from EGM, a 4/5 from US Gamer and a 9.5 from PlayStaton Universe…. still, if it’s a good game, maybe this approach can be forgiven, right? (After all, it’s called Accolades trailer…)

In the video, Kat jumps around quite a few times (an essential part of the gameplay), while packing a few punches as well. We only have to get our thoughts together and write down our thoughts – the PlayStation 4exclusive Remastered is already available in shops and the Store.

Let’s hope that it will be a big enough success to get more care for the upcoming sequel!

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