Gametrailers is dead! [VIDEO]

Time has flown over Gametrailers‘ head. When this website formed in August 2002, it wasn’t a common thing to see upcoming games in video/trailer format: you would have had to get the latest gaming magazines to see new screenshots and read previews about them. This is what Gametrailers wanted to change, and so they did. They were bought by MTV Networks (aka Viacom) in 2005.

The website began to improve dramatically by offering more and more new content. Geoff Keighley‘s program, GameTrailers TV was also available, not to mention the Angry Video Game Nerd’s new episodes via Screwattack.

However, they started to lag behind evolution as other websites like YouTube began to take their place. Gametrailers saw itself on the downward slope – Viacom sold them to Defy Media in 2014 for „chips”, after the scandal with Keighley in 2012. He appeared in a Halo 4 stream, in which he was seen next to a bunch of Mountain Dew and Doritos – this got the name „Dorito-Gate”. Check the video about it below!

February 8, 2016. An announcement comes: the entire cast of Gametrailers was let go, and the website is shutting down with immediate effect.

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