PlayStation Plus: here’s the winner of the next Vote to Play voting

During February, PlayStation Plus subscribers had two weeks to vote to choose one of the three options. The game with the most votes would become one of the free PlayStation Plus games in March, effectively revealing part of the upcoming month’s lineup early. The voting ended, and Sony announced the winner of the Vote to Play.

The three candidates were Assault Android Cactus, Action Henk! and Broforce. Broforce got the most votes so it will be available for free starting March 1 when Sony replaces the February lineup with the March one. Broforce is a side-scrolling, cooperative, retro-style shooter, making it one of the many „better to play with friends” titles.

This game isn’t a memorable one, it isn’t an AAA title that the PlayStation Plus has lacked for several months, After this announcement, we have no idea what Sony has in store (pardon for the pun) as the other PS4 free title. We’ll see shortly.

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