The Division’s Director Quits Ubisoft!

The game’s out, so now I’m out! – This is what The Division‘s director, Ryan Barnard probably thought when he decided to leave Ubisoft. He joined Square Enix’s IO Interactive, the team responsible for the Hitman franchise and, of course, the recent episodic reboot.

Barnard previously worked at Sony Online Entertainment (Everquest 2), EA Mythic (Warhammer Online) and Crytek (Crysis 2 has his name in the credits) before moving to Ubisoft to begin work on their massively multiplayer game. At IO, he will lead three units: gameplay, online and world – his exact job is gameplay director.

This move is interesting. The Division hasn’t even been out for two weeks, and Barnard already left his previous employer. Could it be that he was waiting for the moment to see his work get done and move on? Who knows…

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