Star Wars Battlefront PSVR is Already in Development!

The Electronic ArtsDICESonyDisney quartet is very hopeful about PlayStation VR and the PSVR-exclusive adaptation of Star Wars Battlefront. The current Sony thoughts follow this train of thought, too.

John Koller, vice president of marketing at Sony, has talked to Fortune about PlayStation VR and the Battlefront project. He thinks that as this experience is exclusively developed for Sony‘s headset, the gameplay will be entirely different from the „base game” from November 2015. Koller also says Battlefront is going to be one of those games that can show what virtual reality is capable of.

According to Koller, the term „killer app” has a different meaning on the PlayStation VR than say, on the PlayStation 4. Sure, you will need games that will make people’s purses open, but the VR experience is much more personal.

PlayStation VR will launch in October with over fifty games. Going by Koller’s comments; the Battlefront game will be one of them. We’ll see how that game plays, looks… or feels like.

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