Breaking! Grand Theft Auto VI Is In Production! According to a source the setting is almost certain!

Rockstar didn’t sit much on the throne of moneybags that came from the success of Grand Theft Auto V – rumors already say that the team has begun development of the sequel despite GTA V and its online component being a major success.

The unnamed source that talked to TechRadar says that there is some preliminary work done on Grand Theft Auto VI. No location has been chosen yet, but the source says “it’s going to be in the United States yet again”. But not all projects materialize!

The anonymous source also points out that Rockstar was considering a Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo – in fact, they sent out a crew to do research by taking photos and talking to locals! It happened multiple years ago, but nothing came out of this project. The road system was too problematic, and people already got used to the American locations. In 2003, Rockstar filed trademarks for GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota and GTA: Sin City – it’d have been interesting to see a Columbian episode despite the fact that a PC budget game (Boiling Point: Road to Hell) already tried something similar. Filing trademarks don’t always result in games – Activision trademarked Space Warfare and Future Warfare for Call of Duty.

Rockstar is silent about the topic, as usual.

Sources: Techradar, Independent

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