When Will Final Fantasy XV Come? [VIDEO]

Square Enix expects a lot from Final Fantasy XV – in fact, they even dedicated an entire event recently for the game that was previously known as Versus XIII. Before we get to that, let’s talk a bit about XI first…

Final Fantasy XI was the first Final Fantasy MMO fourteen years ago. It was available for three platforms: PC, PlayStation 2 (!) and Xbox 360. However, the console versions were shut down, but the console players can transfer their results and characters to continue playing on PC.

Let’s move on to FF XV. It received an animated series called Brotherhood! There will be five (plus one) episodes; the first one is already available on YouTube. Each episode will be 10 minutes long, and the sixth, extra chapter will be part of the special collectors edition of FF XV. There will also be a film called Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV. Its director is none other than Takeshi Nozue, who was also responsible for Advent Children back in the day.

Square Enix will also make a mobile game called Justice Monsters Five. It will drop on iOS (in June), Windows 10’s Universal Store and Android (in April). It is a flipper game with RPG elements. Apparently, we can transfer somehow the monsters to the main game although we don’t know how it will be possible. No details about possible microtransactions wee mentioned.

There’s also a brand new demo – called Platinum – available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In it, we can control Noctis as a child, who ends up meeting the Carbuncle. The name might be familiar to those who played previous installments in the franchise. But when will the game arrive? Let’s get this out of the way: September 30 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Square Enix is considering a possible PC port as well. There will be limited editions, too: the 90-dollar Deluxe Edition will have a steel book case with Yoshitaka Amano art, the Final Fantasy: Kingslaive feature film (which will also be available to stream or download before the game releases). In-game, the Royal Raiment outfit, the Masamune weapon and the Platinum Leviathan recolor for the in-game car. The 270-dollar (!) Ultimate Collectors Edition has a hardcover 192-page artbook, a separate set of exclusive steel book cases featuring the cast of the game, the Brotherhood anime on disk (which will stream for free on YouTube), an exclusive Play Arts Noctis figurine. In-game, a travel pack, a camera kit, an angler kit and a gourmand set on top of everything that the Deluxe Edition has! Only 30000 are being made. There’s also a Day One edition with the Masamune as the bonus.

Well, that’s a lot of Final Fantasy for you…

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