The Latest News About Nintendo NX! Final Fantasy XV On The Console?

We hear about the new Nintendo console about every three days or so. New rumors, details, and things that the big N doesn’t confirm at all – instead, they stay more silent than a car in a parking lot. There are two new pieces of information.

First off, multiple games are rumored to be available for the NX. The Gamecube’s earlier games included Luigi’s Mansion. The history might repeat itself because the NX might have Luigi’s Mansion 3, too. There’s also Final Fantasy XV, which will launch on PS4, X1, and maybe on PC at the end of September. The new Nintendo console might get the game as well. When? No idea. Nintendo needs 14nm technology for their hardware, and they need time to have that ready for the NX. Because of this, the console might face a delay, and launch in 2017.

The NX’s controller was mentioned again. It might have a display, so we don’t have to play games on our TV, or even play anywhere! We might be able to reach our standby NX via Wi-Fi or hotspots. We can play while coming home.

We’ll see if these rumors are true or not…

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