Sony: There May Not Be PlayStation 5! [VIDEO]

Will there be a new PlayStation or not? We can’t officially answer that, but Sony is apparently working on a stronger PlayStation 4 (we’ve gone into detail about that over the weekend). In 2015, the situation might have been different, though!

Lorne Lanning talked about the subject during the latest Game Informer Show. In February 2015, he had a private dinner with Shuhei Yoshida. He asked the PlayStation-boss how the new PlayStation would look like. Yoshida’s response was „You mean if.” Lanning isn’t an outsider in the scene – he’s the president of Oddworld Inhabitants, who are currently working on Oddworld: Soulstorm at the moment.

Yoshida also said the following back then as well: „We need to be agiler, none of us know what the future looks like so how do we adapt to it faster?” The word adaptation is the key word: PC-s are evolving faster than consoles which usually tend to get new generations every 6-7 years. (From PS1 to PS4: 1994 – 2000 – 2006 – 2013, only the PS4 didn’t launch in Japan first.)

There may have been plans for PS4K a year ago already… (In the video, the topic is brought up at 44:14!)

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