Ridley Scott Will Direct Western Wraiths of the Broken Land

MOVIE NEWS – Director Ridley Scott is teaming again with Drew Goddard, who is the writer The Martian and also 20th Century Fox for an adaptation of the western novel Wraiths of the Broken Land.

After his success with 20th Century Fox’s The Martian, nominated for Best Picture and earned more than $630 million worldwide, director Ridley Scott is teaming again with the studio and the actual writer of The Martian, Drew Goddard for a new project.

20th Century Fox has already closed a contract for the rights to author S. Craig Zahler‘s Western novel Wraiths of the Broken Land, for which director Ridley Scott will be again behind the cameras from an adapted script by Drew Goddard. Both the writer and director will also be the producers of the movie, besides Michael Schaefer, Simon Kinberg, and Aditya Sood.

Wraiths Of The Broken Land around the turn of the 20th Century in a town near the Mexican border. The story follows a team of men who wants to find their sisters, who have all been taken captive. As these men cross treacherous badlands to find their beloved siblings, their lives, ethics and sanity are put on the line. The novel was published by Raw Dog Screaming Press in 2013.

Author S. Craig Zahler was directing himself another Western tale, Bone Tomahawk, which starred Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, David Arquette and Richard Jenkins. He previously wrote the film Asylum Blackout, and we reported just last week that the author/filmmaker has come aboard to write the Puppet Master reboot entitled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. As an author, he has written A Congregation of Jackals, Corpus Chrome Inc. and Mean Business on North Ganson Street, the latter of which is in development at Warner Bros., with Leonardo DiCaprio set to star.

According to Deadline, it is still unknown when production may begin on Wraiths of the Broken Land yet, or if this will be Ridley Scott‘s next movie after he completes work on Alien: Covenant. That will likely depend on how long it takes Drew Goddard to write the script, so we’ll have to wait and see. Drew Goddard also created Netflix’s Daredevil TV series, and he will serve as an executive producer on The Defenders for the streaming service.

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