When Will Mass Effect Andromeda Finally Arrive?

Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t a game that we hear about many times. Sure, we have seen Bioware losing a few key staff members in the past few months, but other than that, the game seems to be mostly shut behind closed doors. However, some new details, as well as a release window, have emerged.

Seeing how the game will be part of the EA Play press conference, Andromeda will be out at E3. It’s not going to be available in 2016, though! The new Mass Effect game is confirmed to be out in early 2017 – by the end of March by latest. (EA is planning a Q4 2016 window financially, so this date is legitimate.)

Andromeda will provide players more freedom, as well as a new location: we will head to the Andromeda, so say goodbye to the Milky Way! The new Mass Effect is also confirmed to run on the Frostbite engine so that Bioware will have a stable technical baseline behind their latest game.

At the E3, we are sure that we will see gameplay of it.

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