Is It Destiny 2’s Replacement For The Fall?

There may be some problems behind the scenes of Activision and Bungie regarding Destiny‘s future. There will be a Destiny 2, but in 2016! Destiny 2 in 2017! We may have just learned what the replacement of the sequel is going to be this autumn.

The image below has popped up on Reddit. You can see a poster with a title on it: Destiny – Rise of Iron. According to two sources close to Bungie, Kotaku says that Rise of Iron is not a hoax. It would be announced at E3, and the release would happen sometime in September.

As Bungie has moved Destiny 2‘s launch from 2016 to 2017 (with a possibility of only developing it for the PS4 and the X1), there might be a little development hell going on. Destiny 2 has been rebooted recently, and the new leader of the project is now The Taken King’s director, Luke Smith.

Sometimes it makes sense to restart your game (remember DOOM?), but Destiny’s future seems a little chaotic at the moment. What will players get between Rise of Iron and Destiny 2?


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