Horizon Zero Dawn Takes Over Los Angeles!

Guerrilla Games‘ latest game, Horizon Zero Dawn aimed at Los Angeles, and it ended up taking its place in the city. It came, saw, and now oversees everything and everyone.

„A Thunderjaw keeps a watchful eye on downtown Los Angeles.” Guerrilla Games‘ tweet also shows a huge poster draped across a building. „Earth is ours no more.” Even the tagline is present on the wall, but there is one omission: where’s the release date? There’s not even a year mentioned. 2016? 2017? Why didn’t Sony put this up? They either have a fixed release date in the pipeline a year after the game’s announcement (E3 2015), or Guerrilla‘s game indeed took its way towards PS4 NEO.

Horizon Zero Dawn, which will not have a multiplayer mode, will combine the future with the past, and it will be one of the main games for Sony‘s E3 conference. Sony got the last event on June 13 – it will start at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST.

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