Prey 2: There Might Be More Behind The Scenes!

Prey‘s sequel has fallen off the face of Earth for multiple years, although the first game launched a decade ago. However, Bethesda shows another sign of the sequel’s (new) existence, which leads to the announcement at E3. The publisher launched some website redirections.

Both and (!) redirects people to a Facebook page. This one, to be exact: – while Prey 2‘s redirection makes sense, Prey 3 is a different story altogether. Prey 3 isn’t even officially announced! Prey 2 was first revealed in 2011, but Human Head stopped developing the game. On June 12, Bethesda‘s E3 keynote might see the revival of Prey 2 (especially if the rumors about Arkane Austin being the developer are true – in that case, we’ll see a different game), and this announcement would mean that the game wouldn’t disappear again.

But what about Prey 3? Did Bethesda give the license to another dev team to have two games out shortly?

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