WRC6 is in the making!

The World Rally Championship hasn’t received a game adaptation yet that bears the number 6. In 2005, WRC: Rally Evolved released as the fifth installment of that series. After a five-year silence, the series returned in 2010 with the previous games seemingly ignored, just to confuse everyone. Perhaps it would be a good idea to use the current year instead.

Bigben Interactive announced that Kylotonn is already developing WRC 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Better graphics, better sounding audio, „a new level of realism and excitement in gameplay” – these are the devs’ promises. WRC 2, WRC Junior, China Rally – everything will be up to date to have the season’s changes followed.

If Kylotonn can pull a better game than Milestone’s Seb Loeb Rally Evo with WRC 6 which gets more details announced at E3, it will be a job well done for them. That should be their target for 2016.

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