The Dead Will Rise A Fourth Time?

It looks like a certain zombie slaughter game will soon receive a fourth installment if we can believe the rumors.

If you remember that Capcom has three bigger titles to launch by April 2017, we guessed that one of them would be Resident Evil 7, which was also rumored to get an E3 reveal. It looks like Dead Rising 4 would be the second one, allegedly in development at Capcom Vancouver. The NeoGAF forums had a comment dropping this bomb on the others, although ekim didn’t know if it’s going to be a Xbox One-exclusive similar to 3 or not.

If Capcom wants to approach this game from a financial aspect, they might make Dead Rising 4 as a multiplatform title. Xbox One has about the half of an install base than the PlayStation 4. Even if it would skip the PS4, similar to some recent Xbox One games, Dead Rising 4 might be out on the Windows 10 as well.

We’ll see in a few weeks as E3 is getting closer and closer.

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