Here’s Sony’s E3 Schedule [VIDEO]

Sony is the last in the line of the E3 conferences, so we have to wait for theirs the most – at least they prepared with a video to keep us in the loop.

We get a short description of what’s happening and at what times. Mind you; these are PST times, so you have to convert them to your own to know when you have to watch the stream, whether it’s the main E3 program or the Livecasts. Europe got the shaft, because, in Central Europe, the conference starts on June 14 at 3 AM…

The PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR will lead most of the event, but we can’t wait to see if the Japanese will reveal the PlayStation 4 NEO/PS4K/PS4.5 or not. We’ve been waiting for that for months.

So dear Sony, get your act together because stepping up to the microphone last might be a good choice, but ending the program on a low note can backfire. (Mind you, Nintendo‘s Treehouse is not in LA, and that’s after Sony.)

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