Ludens Has A Face

Kojima Productions‘ mascot has taken another step in his evolution.

Since last December, the reborn KojiPro team is shaping continuously having moved from Konami to Sony. They are currently working on a game for the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

While their game is still shrouded in mystery, their logo isn’t. The black and white figure first got a complete body with an EVA armor, then it was christened Ludens, and now he also received a face. Ludens is becoming more and more human, and he’s still not the new KojiPro game’s character, plus it was also confirmed not to be a screenshot taken from it either.

„I’ll keep coming.” Well, Ludens, if you keep evolving like this, you are always welcome. This statement also applies to the to-be-published-by-Sony Interactive Entertainment Hideo Kojima game as well!


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