Emily Wants To Play With Our Nerves [VIDEO]

With Emily Wants To Play, the horror games’ line-up will expand on the PlayStation 4… and potentially, on the PlayStation VR as well!

This game saw its release on PC back in December, and the console version will not cost more, so the price will be just five dollars/euros on the PlayStation Store. Going by the announcement trailer, Shawn Hitchcock‘s game is worth this money without any questions! In the story, we will control a pizza delivery guy, who gets stuck in a creepy house, making his last delivery an issue. Emily, a young girl, as well as three little dolls, will wander around the house, and if we meet one of them, our goal will be to survive the encounter.

Hitchcock says that the house is based upon his childhood home in New Orleans, and the dolls are also coming from his phobia; he doesn’t like dolls. He says, „To make the game even more spooky, the dolls and Emily were given their unique personalities. They can move around the house freely, watch the player, and determine the best way to scare them. Emily and the dolls like to play their version of popular children’s games. To survive, players must determine how to react to each game.”

Emily wants to play, and she will do so from August 9 when the game drops on the PlayStation Store. Hitchcock is considering to add PlayStation VR support.

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