The First Darksiders Game To Get A Current-Gen Port?

As Darksiders II already received its Deathinitive Edition, obviously, it’s time for the first game to receive a facelift, if we can believe an advertisement.

GameFly listed Darksiders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Unfortunately, we cannot provide links to these pages, as GameFly already deleted the pages, but that move is the usual „getting rid of unwanted leaks” step by them.

Nordic Games, who bought the license from the bankrupt THQ, doesn’t want to throw the license away just yet. In fact, the PS4/X1/Wii U port is (was) listed for an October 25 release on GameFly. That day is a Tuesday, so Darksiders‘ improved version can indeed arrive on that day. Nordic Games hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

Hopefully, this port is just to make us warm up for the third episode. After all, there are four Horsemen of Apocalyse, and only two got their game yet. Therefore, the story is far from over!

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