A Multiplayer Game Gets A Free Weekend On PlayStation 4!

On the PlayStation 4, it is a rare sight to see a multiplayer game receive a free weekend (the last time, Black Ops III’s action was PC-exclusive). Fortunately, the Sony console isn’t left behind.

Capcom wants more players to pick up Umbrella Corps, and because of that, they decided to hold a free weekend. Quoting the official statement:

„Did you miss the last free weekend for Umbrella Corps? Not to worry, there’s another free demo weekend event on the way, allowing everyone to join the corps on PS4 starting at 12:00 am PDT on Friday, August 12th, through 11:59 pm PDT on Saturday, August 13th (00:01 GMT Fri Aug 12th – 23:59 GMT Sat Aug 13th). Both existing owners and demo players will be able to play together during the demo period. So, if you’ve picked up the game already or are curious about what the game has to offer, hop on this weekend for some intense 3 vs. 3 online match-ups in maps that draw from different locations in the Resident Evil universe.”

(They forgot to mention if this weekend requires PS Plus or not. In June, it didn’t need Plus, so we believe it should be an open weekend this time around as well.)

The game, which is below average, so to speak, just received a free DLC too, which opened up the Spencer Mansion for players who can get rid of each other in a 3v3 setting. Perhaps Umbrella Corps should follow Evolve and become free-to-play…?

Meanwhile, Capcom works on Resident Evil 7 as well: it will be out on January 24 on PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation VR-support), Xbox One, and PC.

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