Mass Effect: Remastering The Trilogy Might Happen

While Mass Effect Andromeda is not present at Gamescom, Electronic Arts and Bioware does it for a good reason.

Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of EA, said a few tidbits in his interview with GameInformer. He says that the publisher is now focusing on the holiday season, and the games launching in this time frame. As Mass Effect Andromeda will be out in 2017, they will only start to concentrate on this title after most of the 2016 games hit the shelves and digital storefronts.

Soderlund also seems to be open to remaster the first three Mass Effect games, and his comments are the polar opposite of what he said at E3 in 2015. Back then, Activision and Electronic Arts tried to avoid current-gen ports and remasters, but since then, the former has gone into the subject (Modern Warfare Remastered, for example). Now, EA also seems to consider to give Mass Effect a facelift.

We should wait for more details throughout the autumn months.

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