UPDATE – A Heads Up About When The Battlefield 1 Beta Ends

UPDATE: You can still kill a few enemies on the Sinai Desert map, but the end is creeping closer and closer.

DICE will shut the servers down on September 8, and then, the World War I-based Battlefield 1 goes away for a month to receive the final development phases. Before the shutdown, there will be some extreme server tests so that DICE can see how much workload they can have without issues!

Until Thursday, you should still hop on and play a few matches – on PS4, you don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription! Don’t play a lot, though; you cannot move your beta results over to the retail game.

ORIGINAL: Due to DDoS attacks, Battlefield 1 was hardly playable. The DDoS attacks started at around 2 PM Eastern.

Electronic Arts stated that the attacks affected the servers so hard that the games, services, and even support was hit. A group already claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks.

It’s PoodleCorp, who previously struck, making Overwatch unplayable for a small time. Electronic Arts took about ten hours to get everything back up and running – their tweet about the subject came at 11:30 PM Eastern.

The timing was intentional: the attacks came on the first public day of the Battlefield 1 open beta, likely making some players get turned off. EA didn’t reveal the cause of this sudden outage, though.

If a company like EA suffers from this issue, shouldn’t safety become an essential thing already?

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