Rise Of The Tomb Raider: There’s No Tokyo Game Show Without Lara [VIDEO]

Tokyo Game Show, which can be considered as the Japanese E3, will feature Rise of the Tomb Raider amongst many games.

Square Enix doesn’t skip the opportunity to promote the new Tomb Raider game on local soil. It makes sense: the PlayStation 4 pushes the Xbox One off the road over there.

While we’re still a month away from the launch (October 11, mark your calendars), we still see something new, such as the cooperative Endurance mode, or the Blood Ties DLC for a few frames in the trailer. On top of them, we have to mention the PlayStation VR-support and the Extreme Survivor difficulty level. (In case Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’s European Extreme wasn’t enough for you, have a go at Rise of the Tomb Raider.)

However, the retro Lara skin looks out of place by a landslide…

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