An In-Depth Look At Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Multiplayer [VIDEO]

Activision doesn’t stop introducing the multiplayer of the game.

It’s no joke: most modern Call of Duty games ended up being played for a longer time thanks to the multiplayer (although the story is always getting a lot of attention – just look at the cast of the actors!). Infinite Warfare wants to continue the tradition.

Infinity Ward‘s game received a 7.5-minute long trailer, which goes through the customization of Combat Rigs (Titanfall, anyone?), crafting the Prototype Weapons, changing our equipment, and so forth. There’s a lot to dig through in the video.

Infinite Warfare‘s beta will launch on October 14 for PlayStation 4 pre-orderers. However, the X1 will get the beta at a later date, and the PC is left behind in the dust. (Titanfall 2 also seems to shift away from the PCs, too…)

The game will launch on November 4 on the previously mentioned three platforms.

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