PlayStation Plus: A Sign Of Positive Change After The Price Hike? [VIDEO]

Sony confirmed the list of October PlayStation Plus games. We might see the first signs of improvement.

The PlayStation 4 receives two 2015 games. One of them is Resident Evil REmake, which wasn’t bad at all, and the other game is the decent-but-short Transformers Devastation, which could provide some fun for five-six hours. Neither games are indie titles on the PS4, which happened a long time ago the last time. The PlayStation 3 gets Mad Riders and From Dust, and the PlayStation Vita gets a Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, and Actual Sunlight.

Most commenters under the video rate Sony‘s line-up positively for October. If the company can constantly provide games of this quality each month, we will not be disappointed. Bigger, recent games, and no PSP releases on the PS Vita. Sony is heading towards the right path.

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