Skyrim Mods Might Get A Disadvantage On PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

The Xbox One will get a chance to edge out the PlayStation 4 version of Skyrim: Special Edition mods, too.

While we appreciate that Skyrim: Special Edition (out on Friday) receives mod support on PlayStation 4, we must mention that there’ll be another size limitation disadvantage compared to the Xbox One.

With Fallout 4, there is a similar restriction: while the Xbox One limits the size in 2 GB, with the PlayStation 4, it’s just 900 MB – that’s less than half of the X1 limit. With Skyrim, it’s going to be 5 and 2 GB, respectively – again, an over 50% difference between the two consoles. However, the game’s assets aren’t huge in Skyrim; some can be less than 1 MB, making the creativity be the only limit for mod creators.

As soon as Bethesda is „done” with Skyrim (PS3 vs. PS4 comparison below), the team moves on to work on the mod-, and PlayStation 4 Pro-support on Fallout 4.

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