Civilization VI Is About To Hit 1 Million Sales!

The new success in strategy games, Civilization VI, is ramping up a lot of players on Steam.

One of the veteran (and yet, popular) franchises on PC climbed to 921901 players on Steam in just ten days (!!!), according to SteamSpy. Seeing the growing tendency, it’s likely to see Sid Meier‘s game become a millionaire…

On the other hand, we have to mention that Firaxis and Valve have not published official sales figures yet, but the developers will probably do so in a few days. Despite this situation, Civilization VI has had a great launch.

What about the predecessor? The best game to compare Civilization VI to is Civ V. SteamSpy says that there are at least nine million (!) owners on Steam – mind you, it launched over six years ago. Civilization VI can achieve this sales data, though – if it got to a million in just ten days, what can hold Firaxis back from reaching ten million sales?

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