No More Updates For DriveClub?

DriveClub seemingly received its last patch, which means the already closed Evolution Studios‘ game might have hit the end of its road.

According to TeamVVV, the 5.75-gigabyte patch brought in fifteen new tracks from DriveClub VR, as well as already available circuits’ reverse iterations.

Why is this patch considered as the last one? The patch note has this quote: „Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell.” Going by this farewell, it seems unlikely that the game will get a PlayStation 4 Pro patch.

You might ask, „who worked on the game by this point?” It was Sony WWS Immersive Technology Group, which had a few Evolution-veterans after the closure of that dev studio. (Most of the team has joined Codemasters, though.) They were responsible for finishing up the development of DriveClub VR, and patches for the regular game.

If DriveClub is „done,” Gran Turismo Sport, delayed to 2017, will get more attention…

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