A Recent Console’s Production Might Come To Its End

It seems like a not-so-old console is going to reach the end of its line.

Eurogamer‘s sources claim () that Nintendo will pull the handbrake on the Wii U and stop its manufacturing this week – on November 4, to be exact. Back in March, Japanese publication Nikkei stated that the big N would stop making Wii Us by the time 2017 arrives, although Nintendo responded that they don’t stop a day later.

We have a bit of déjavu: Japanese IT Media writes that Nintendo doesn’t plan to stop producing its console, adding that the rumors are „not true” regarding the Wii U.

We’re running back and forth between information of stopping the manufacturing and declining the rumors: it’s the second time this year that we’re talking about this subject. If this rumor does end up being true eventually, then the Nintendo Wii U would have only four years (!) on the market, while the PlayStation 3, which is six years older than the N console, would outlive the Wii U.

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