[TGA 2016] Mass Effect: Andromeda: Five Minutes Of Epic Gameplay, Now In 4K [VIDEO]

BioWare kept their word, and they did bring a decent sized gameplay video for The Game Awards.

As a Pathfinder, we will have to prepare for the worst possible outcomes, and you can see some of those fights – aside from out jetpack, crafting is something that deserves mention, making both creativity and continuous movement a focus in the new Mass Effect game. Ryder’s on the storm…

However, scanning could be an annoying thing for some player. With Destiny, it might have been one of the putting off things in the gameplay, and after Bungie’s game, history might repeat itself here as well.

There’s one problem, though: despite the great video, there’s still no concrete release date given by BioWare – they still list „Spring 2017” for that at the end of the trailer.

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