[PSX 2016] PaRappa Celebrates His 20th Birthday In Style! [VIDEO]

After yesterday’s leaks, the official announcement was no surprise: PaRappa is getting a facelift!

As expected, 1997’s first episode is moving over to the PlayStation 4, and the new hardware will offer us extra functions while we’re rapping – the DualShock 4 can act as a metronome (it’s a rhythm game after all!).

The game will support the PlayStation 4 Pro, so playing on 4K resolution will be possible. You can already grab a demo of PaRappa on the PlayStation Network right now.

Not only Parappa will come in 2017, but Patapon and LocoRoco as well – both games will head to the PS4 next year, and with the latter game, the controller will act as a motion sensor, making our game easier.

I forgot to close the door…

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