Will Sledgehammer Bring Call Of Duty Back To The Past?

There are signs of this year’s Call of Duty developers aiming to leave the future behind.

Despite the rough patches during its launch, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ended up becoming the top-grossing console game in the United States last year, and it also topped the charts of PlayStation Network downloads in November. However, this year’s devs are not Infinity Ward but Sledgehammer Games…

This team entered the rotation in 2014 with their Advanced Warfare; They posted a happy new year tweet on their Twitter with a video that shows a lot of gears and cogs. Their move doesn’t seem random: Michael Condrey, studio head and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, has posted an image of an M1911 on Christmas Day. This weapon was used mainly by US soldiers during the twentieth century.

Did they begin work on the previously rumoured Vietnam-themed Call of Duty? If this year’s FPS ends up in another area, it might be too late to the party, as DICE went back to the first World War with Battlefield 1 last year. Infinity Ward also teased their futuristic setting a year ago with an astronaut… hm.

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