Playing Too Well In Battlefield 1? Banned! [VIDEO]

A few players got banned in DICE’s shooter without actually cheating.

kl-Spazmo has spent roughly 2800 hours in Battlefield 1, but the game’s FairFight system has banned him for simply having skills. Then, he grabbed his keyboard and shared his thoughts about the situation on Reddit.

It started a chain reaction, as other players have also reported their stories about getting banned unfairly. kl-Spazmo first got a one week abstinence in Battlefield 1 in December, and it already made him keep track of events of what is happening. He got banned again January, although this time, it was a permanent ban from the first World War!

You might say that he got banned, but it turns out that it was simply him having too good stats, and as proof, kl-Spazmo has webcam and gameplay footage of him playing fairly. Ali Hassoon, a producer at DICE, took note of the events and promised to look into the situation.

Minidoracat, one of the highest ranked Battlefield 1 players, also got banned. Perhaps DICE made Fairfight a little too harsh…?

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