For Honor: Ubisoft Is Preparing For Loot Boxes

After Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft is continuing their approach of being less costly, but still efficient towards the players with their upcoming game, For Honor. (Although their plans got leaked.)

Last year, the French company realized that forcing players to buy the Season Pass to get the new content isn’t always the best solution, so they began experimenting with 2015’s Rainbow Six: Siege. There are microtransactions in the game, yes, but they are not obligatory, and they mostly offer different skins for your weapons.

For Honor will follow this trend: sure, you can get the Season Pass, but all it does is just offer you the new content a week earlier than the others. There will be cosmetic extras, too, but they won’t hinder your side, no matter if you’re under the Viking, the Knight, or the Samurai banner.

The Season Pass has the six new warriors, the just mentioned early access, an exclusive Sunbeam emote for all twelve warriors, three scavenger crates (aka Overwatch’s loot boxes), an exclusive emblem, and a thirty-day champion status. If you don’t buy the Gold version of the game but only the Deluxe one, it nets you a 7-day champion status, a deluxe emblem, and three unique helmet crests.

At least we can get the content for free, which is a wise move.




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