Multiple Planet Types, And Much More In Mass Effect: Andromeda

We learned even more new details about Bioware‘s upcoming game.

The Reddit user by the name of typherio got a February issue of PC Gamer, which had an article about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The dodge roll has been replaced with a dash. It is useful for getting from cover to cover; this is conjunction with being able to jump makes for fast mobile combat. You can also aim mid-jump to activate a slow hover that is useful for setting up combos. (Although it’s not a fighting game, plus there’s no score present either… so that term is a bit weird.)

The Renegade/Paragon system has been replaced with a 4 chat option. They are head, casual, heart and professional – these give you a choice in the personality of your Ryder.

There are different types of planets as well. One type is a story planet, but there could be another mainly consisting of open exploration and side quests. The planets also have environmental hazards, too. The temperature and the radiation can be dangerous.

The Nomad, the new vehicle for on-planet transportation, was partially designed and tested by a small team from Need for Speed. Perhaps this is how Bioware wants to make sure the controls are on par with other games.

The new Mass Effect is out on March 21 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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