Injustice 2: Robin In Action [VIDEO]

NetherRealm started to (finally?!) talk more about their upcoming fighting game due to launch in the Spring.

During a Twitch stream, Robin got revealed along with a few new details being announced or confirmed. Robin‘s enemy is none other than one certain guy called Batman. But that’s not all.

NetherRealm boss Ed Boon has hinted at a few obscure characters in Injustice 2, as the first title’s roster had most of the widely known DC characters. He also said that there could be a few „third-party” characters in the game. That makes sense, as Mortal Kombat X had a few outsiders, such as Jason Voorhees.

Regarding balance, Boon has confirmed that they will NOT sell gear for money. You can’t just use your wallet to get customization items for your characters to give no chance to other players. He also added that the first wave of Injustice 2 beta keys had been sent out. Check your email address; maybe you could be one of the lucky players! Don’t worry, though: more keys are promised to be sent out shortly.

The game will be out on May 16 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Until then, have a look at Robin’s trailer, some gameplay with Robin, Batman, and Atrocitus, as well as some of their super moves.

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