Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Have Cross-Play

Bioware‘s new game doesn’t have the opportunity to play with people on other platforms.

Fernando Melo, a producer at Bioware, has confirmed on Twitter that Andromeda‘s multiplayer will be peer-to-peer, similarly to Mass Effect 3. That means the quality of the multiplayer will depend on each other’s internet connection. However, it will not have cross-play, so you will only be able to play with others on the same platform.

About romance, we learned that the female Ryder would get more opportunities than the male one. During character creation, we will be able to select the training our chosen Ryden sibling had in the Milky Way, while their backstory depends on which one we picked.  You will also be able to select your character’s name freely, but other characters will call them Scott or Sara only if you keep the default names. Otherwise they’ll just be called as „Ryder.” The other Ryder’s name will get fixed to avoid confusion – the two Pathfinders will never be called simply as „Ryder”.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will launch on March 21 on PC (with an unlimited frame cap), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

(Source: DualShockers)

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