Take-Two Taking Itself To Movies

There may even be a Grand Theft Auto film out of the deal!

Take-Two‘s CEO, Strauss Zelnick confirmed that his company (which owns Rockstar along with many other devs) licensed a few of its IPs for film, but he cannot say any exact details at the moment, although he also noted that the game-to-movie adaptations have a „spotty track record.”

Take-Two doesn’t want to spend money to get directly involved in the production – instead, the company would go for licensing deals that could allow the publisher to have complete creative control over the upcoming movie(s).

Still, we could only guess what Take-Two could work on, but we can rule out things like an NBA adaptation. A Grand Theft Auto or a Borderlands movie, however, would make more sense, making it a viable option for Take-Two… or how about Manhunt!?

(Source: MCV)

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