Edge Of Eternity Looks Promising Even In Alpha [VIDEO]

Sometimes an indie JRPG can provide as high of quality as AAA titles could.

One prime example could be Midgar Studio-developed Edge of Eternity, which is far from perfect at the moment. Just look how the animations feel quite stiff, but seeing how the game is only in an alpha state (and only backers could try it out in this format), there’s still nothing to make us worried about it yet.

„The game offers a unique experience, combining classic renewed features with innovative gameplay mechanics, set a part-heroic fantasy part-space opera atmosphere along with a rich and mature narration. The story is set on Heryon, a planet full of many different, vast and exotic environments and offering a succession of open worlds, dungeons, and cities. You take control of an eclectic team and start a journey in a world plunged into a devastating war between Heryons inhabitants, defenders of a millennial balance based on magic crystals, and mysterious invaders coming from space. The game is centered on a solid combat system, an ’ATB, strengthened by tactical movements on a combat grid and possible interactions with the environment that open rich and varied events during battles. The gameplay offers many features: weapons evolution and gem socketing, gear and potion crafting, crystal melting, special attacks… And many more features for the player to discover,” the video’s description says.

The game will be out at an unknown time in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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