Ninten-Doh: A Bad Trend?

The Nintendo Switch will bring one not-so-popular thing in gaming.

Nintendo’s UK website confirmed that there will be DLC for potentially the strongest launch title of the Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The expansion pack will cost 20 euros (20 dollars), bringing two DLC packs – the first one will arrive during the summer, and the second one will follow in the holiday season. You cannot buy the DLCs separately – you either fork out the 20 bucks for the season pass for both expansions or you play the game without them. After purchase, you will get three treasure chests as well. One of them will contain a Switch logo that Link can wear, and the other two will have „useful items.”

The summer DLC will provide the Cave of Trials challenge, a hard mode, and a new, undisclosed feature for the in-game map, and the other one will bring new challenges with a new dungeon and story, respectively.

Doh, said Homer Simpson. Nintendo is doing Season Passes…

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