The Reason Why Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Facial Animations Suck? [VIDEO]

Bioware‘s new hopeful game will launch in just a few days, but the first impressions are weak.

The Ralph Retort writes about how Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s lead facial animator was none other than a cosplayer. Allie Rose-Marie Leost‘s CV is quite weak when it comes to gaming, and it could be providing an explanation why the new Bioware‘s game has questionable animations. Also, her 2013 animation reel includes one sentence that says „I hate men.” So, are we going into SJW territories?

The story is already shocking, but we’re far from the end yet. Bioware has responded to the link above, saying that Leost was not the lead facial animator. Oh really? Explain why the mentioning of Mass Effect got removed from her Twitter bio, as well as this thing? She wrote about this on Instagram as well, and it also got removed.

Is Bioware trying to defend Ms. Leost, or did she lie about the amount of involvement in the game’s development? But wait, there’s more! Manveer Heir, the gameplay designer has openly posted a racist tweet about hating white people as well, and unsurprisingly, he has left Bioware since then

There are problems, it seems. Seeing how multiple key people left Bioware last year, we have a question: what is happening there?!


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